Air Dried Meat

Air Dried Meat

Landjaeger Pair

Landjäger is a semidried sausage traditionally made in Southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Alsace. It is popular as a snack food during activities such as hiking. Square pressed, fermented, and smoked.

Black Forest ham

Schwarzwälder Schinken or Black Forest Ham is a mildly dry-cured, naturally smoked, air-dried and matured pork leg section. The product is flat and especially shaped to achieve maximum yield when slicing. It has a very distinctive smoky flavour and a soft texture which resembles its traditional origin of the Black Forest in the southern region of Germany.

Air dried Beef

Rinder Trocken Fleisch/ Bündnerfleisch or Air Dried Beef is produced from a denuded topside of prime beef. The meat is dry-cured, air-dried and matured over several months in order to generate its distinctively rich and refined flavour. This is a famous Swiss / German style, premium quality product which has become a most appreciated item for the connoisseur all over Europe.

Pork Prosciutto

Prosciutto Crudo or Parma Ham is a boneless, dry-cured pork leg that is matured by being air-dried for six to eight months. This product is a typical flat parma ham: square shaped, well trimmed, with the knuckle section removed for maximum quality product yield. Prosciutto crudo originates in the region of the city of Parma, in the northern provinces of Italy. Its distinctive flavour is enhanced during the long maturing process.