Hams & Bacon

Hams & Bacon

Pražská šunka

Original double smoked ham which is first hand scored and then cooked and baked over German Beechwood. Only the best primals have been selected for this delicious tasting ham. As a Gold medal and Champion Ham at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show this product is sure to impress.

Prager Ham

Traditional European double smoked ham. Our long curing and unique technique makes tasting this product an experience on its own. As a Gold medal Ham at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show this product is sure to impress.

Natural Ham

Our natural ham is cured and cooked with all natural ingredients. This boneless ham is very similar to our well known Prager Ham but preservative free (*except for natural occurring nitrate). It’s great for home-made glazing and baking. Due to being free of added preservatives, it looses its pink colour very quickly once opened.

Kassler (Short Cut Bacon)

Traditional German pork loin without bone. Double smoked over German Beechwood, this delicious short cut bacon is ideal with Sauerkraut and pan fried potato or thinly sliced on sandwiches.

Canadian style Maple Bacon

Bacon infused with maple syrup. Being an uncooked but double smoked product, it became a gold medal winner and the champion at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show for a reason. Very juicy and thinly sliced this short cut bacon is a perfect quick breakfast option.

Black Forest ham

German speciality originating from the black forest region in Germany. Long curing times, special spice blends and multiple smoking cycles are the secret to that delicious tasting raw ham.

Gypsy Pork Loin

Pork Loin that has been cured and double smoked for enhanced flavor. Glazed and baked with our house made paprika rub it provides a perfect sandwich option and goes well on any meat platter.

Schinkenspeck Sliced

Derived from the pork rump, triple smoking and long curing times will give that delicious and tender tasting product it’s uniquness.

Pork Knuckle - Cooked and Cured (Hock) [Approx 800g each]

Traditional pickeled and pre-cooked pork knuckle. Pre-heated and baked until a nice crackling is achieved this pork hock goes well together with Sauerkraut and potato.