Pâté and Black Pudding

Pâté and Black Pudding

Liverwurst Gold Fine

Traditional German pork based pâté with a very smooth texture. Traditionally spread on open sandwiches and served with mustard or pickled gherkins.

Fine Smoked Liverwurst

Smoked fine pork pâté. This style of leberwurst is sold waxed for visual appeal and to keep the product fresh and protected. Ideal on sandwiches or crackers with cranberry compot.

Liverwurst Coarse

Traditional coarse German pâté which is packed with speck, herbs and spices.

Chicken Liverwurst

Fine Liverwurst which has been made of 100% chicken meat.

Thüringer Rotwurst / German Black Pudding

This traditional Blood Sausage is made with our famous double smoked ham which has been cut to 1cm small pieces. It is already cooked and ready to eat. With it’s lightly smoked flavour note the Blutwurst is surely to impress as a cold cut on every sandwich.

English Black Pudding

Our English Black Pudding is filled in a natural casing and smoked over beech wood. It contains a relatively high proportion of oats. It can be eaten grilled, fried or boiled in its skin.


This traditional German Blood Sausage is made with large pieces of cured and cooked pork fillet. Ideal as cold cut for sandwiches or on buffets.