Farmers Vesper (Mixed wheat Sourdough) (800g)

Our Mixed Wheat Sourdough comes with 20% Rye and a Sourdough. Inside soft and juicy and the outside is strong backed with an aromatic crust. A perfect bread for sandwiches or lunch.

Salt Brezel

The Pretzel is a German speciality with an unique brown crust, soft center, and delicious taste.

Seeded Roll

Seeded roll with Sunflower, Poppy Seed

Mixed Rye Sourdough Loaf (1000g)

Juicy rye mixed bread with a mild, hearty aromatic taste. Made with nature leaven.

World Champion (800g)

Multigrain bread with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, linseeds, and sunflower seeds

Grainy Crust Multigrain (750g)

A delicious rye-mix sourdough loaf packed with grains and seeds. Its roasted malt addition gives it its distinctive flavour.

Sunflower Rye (750g)

Dark & dense rye with sunflower seeds

Caraway Rye (600g)

40% rye bread with caraway seeds