On the Shelf

On the Shelf

Asbach filled Beans 100g

Finest liquid filled bitter sweet chocolate (54%) with Asbach brandy filling (46%).

French Truffles Original 250g

Cocoa dusted truffle.

Potato Rosti (2 Portions)

Traditional European Hash Brown

Potato Pancake Dough (Rösti)

Rösti Potato Pancake Dough

Potato Dumpling Dough (Half and Half)

Potato Dumpling Half and Half Mix (Makes approx 12 dumplings)

Potato Dumplings in bags (Half and Half)

6 classic potato dumplings in ready to boil bag

Bread Dumplings in bags

6 classic bread dumplings in ready to boil bag

Mild German Mustard

German table mustard in the distinctive beer mug jar is a classic mild mustard for the special appearance on your table. After enjoying the mustard, you can use the jar as perfect drinking glass. The mustard is ideal for seasoning and refining all types of dishes.